Hell Breaks Loose

by Prowl

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released June 20, 2016

Mixed/Mastered at The Grid by Chris Donaldson.



all rights reserved


Prowl Montreal, Québec


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Track Name: Fury
I really believe that we are who we choose to be. It's sad to say, harder to admit, but the biggest sharks in this world are the ones that rule it. What's the point if you’re not fighting for what you stand for? But that’s how it is & that’s how it will always be. I still believe, that we are who we choose to be. It's harder to lose, when you've got something to prove. I'll never admit that I'm wrong. I'm just trying to speak the truth. Don't let me, no, don't let me be misunderstood.

I'm never scared of what comes next, I learn how to remain in balance, to stay still. What you think about yourself means everything. I will stand tall for what keeps me motivated. Here goes everything, gotta reach for something. I will stand tall no matter what even if it means standing alone. Everyone lies and everyone is sorry.

What's the point if you’re not fighting? What do you stand for? Nobody’s going to come and save you. You will have to save yourself. Nobody’s going to come and save you. You can't handle the truth.
Track Name: Foolish Behavior
I've always wanted to live my life, everyday to the fullest. Never forget, that yesterday is gone and tomorrow is never promised. You can reach the highest mountain but it's all up to you and no one else. Don’t give up because things are hard, you should just push harder to get what you really want.

Every good thing that has happened in your life happened for a reason. Don’t try to compare your life. You have no idea what someone’s journey is all about.

There is always something good coming, remember that. Good things take time. There is always something good coming, remember that, but don’t forget, good things take time.

Some people will say I've changed, but I swear I never did, I just learned. You have to know yourself and know that you are worth it. I swear I did not change, I just realized some shit. It doesn’t get easier, you just get stronger. This is for the ones who see things differently, you don’t have the right to ignore them because you’re the one standing still.
Track Name: Madness
It's hard to know where I am, all these perceptions, multiple illusions. I look around and it's empty. Stuck in the middle of something that definitely looks like nothing. Am I really asleep? It seems so real, am I dreaming? This can't be real. It seems so real, I am lucid. This can't be real.

Watch me run and never look back. A life without dreaming is a life without meaning. I've always been able to find my path. These feelings only exist at night. Fear will one day change sides.

I don't know who I can trust, the only thing that I can hear it's your small whispers. I feel a weight on my chest. I never lose. Either I win or I learn. My body seems to be completely asleep. Trying to follow these lights through the dark. Harder than ever, but nothing else matters. I never lose. Either I win or I learn.

Fear will one day change sides.

I looked up, because I always refused to let myself drown. Never let the fear of being knocked down keep you from standing your own ground.

This storm is everything. I wish everything was up to me so badly.
I was so lost but I'm back now and I finally know where I belong.

I am strong.
Track Name: Claws
They're still howling, they're watching us. We should keep moving. We can't stop. Those things will be all over us. We gotta keep moving.

A den, it's a fucking den.

Once more into the fray. Into the last good fight I’ll ever know. Live and die on this day.
Track Name: Addiction/Rejection
Sometimes there is no next time, no time outs, no second chances. Tired of always being nice with you, you take advantage of it too often. Sometimes it's now or never but at this time you have to admit that it's over.

Step by step, we were going on our way. I never wanted something perfect, but I asked for something real. I thought it was what we had and what we were working on, and it’s probably needless to say but it seems like I was wrong.

I'm afraid of the way you make me feel because I don’t want to fucking feel anything. And I won't explain again. I regret giving you so many chances. All you did was waste my time. All you did was waste my fucking time. Isn't it scary that you never really know what someone is thinking or feeling towards you? Everything that they say could be one massive lie.

I cared once, fucked me up, for once I couldn't deny it, no.